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Most of the times we miss many things that are ongoing in our locality. So we thought why don't we have a space to share information with people around. Localwire is a micro-blogging social network for the local community where users can discover or contribute News, Happenings, Events, and Deals around their geolocation i.e. within 1 to 100 kilometres of radius.

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Bharadwaj Gsk


Jul 07 2020

www.edifyenglish.com www.vocabulary.edifyenglish.com



Jul 06 2020

University Grants Commission (UGC) issues revised guidelines on examinations and academic calendar f

Gagan Kumar


Jul 06 2020

The main part behind the success of DARK web series. Do you imagine episode without these tracks whi

Venkataramana S


Jul 06 2020

Hi Guys Joining AWS

Gopal Murthy


Jul 06 2020

This is how COVID19 deadbodies cremated in Tirupati

S Atchi Reddy


Jul 06 2020

స్థానిక రింగ్ రోడ్ సంస్థ కార్యాలయంలో



Jul 06 2020

People enjoying a walk on Beach Road on a cloudy evening in Visakhapatnam. KR. Deepak Source: The Hi